Longing For My Sweetie on His Birthday

Today is Ben’s birthday.

On an ordinary birthday, we would be having a wonderful day. The girls and I would make him a special breakfast, and he would pretend to be asleep while we were making it. Then, at just the perfect time, when we’d be all set to go, he would start loudly (fakely) grunting from bed, as a signal that he would be ready to wake up.

The girls would hear his grunting, and run into the bedroom, squealing with delight. There would be much snuggling and tickling, and then he would finally get up, and we would all eat together.

We would have much fun all day, probably going tube sliding, or skating, or sledding somewhere along the way. I would make him some kind of delicious birthday treat to eat, and we would put the girls to bed together at night, and then we would be outrageously happy spending a quiet evening at home, not really doing anything all that special, but it would be special anyway.

But that day will not be today, because Ben is flying home from Belize today. (Kaylia keeps pronouncing it “Police”.)

He’ll get home crazy late and be crazy tired, and then he’ll spend the next day with the Pursuit students, debriefing them from the mission trip and stuff like that.

And then on Wednesday we will all be happily and sleepily reunited late in the evening when he comes to pick us up at the airport.

So I’m not really sure what new day we will choose to temporarily move his birthday to, but whenever it happens, I’m sure it will be great. (Good news, Sweetie, you get a few extra days to stay 33!)

It feels kind of strange, because I have never been away from Ben on his birthday since we started dating. He doesn’t like birthdays all that much, and I think they are a HUGE deal, so I see it as my responsibility to help him pay more attention to this special day. (And will it ever be special…. I found the weirdest dessert recipe ever, and I’m quite sure that he’s going to love it.)

Normally, I would write all kinds of nice things about Ben on his birthday, and tell you all about what a wonderful person he is, and how much I love him, but if I get into that right now, I will sit here bawling, so I will save that for another time when I am not so lonely for him that I can’t stand to think about him in great detail.

So that is all for today. Have a happy day! I’ll tell you all about Ben’s new birthday some other time….


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