2011, You’ve Done Well

My friend once said that to instantly move her to tears, all it took was combining pictures and music.

That’s it.

It almost doesn’t matter what the pictures are of, you just put music to them, and you have magic. And I have a big lump in my throat.

I watched such a presentation a few weeks ago, and thought, “Life looks so perfect when it’s made into a slideshow…. I want a perfect life….. Let’s make a slideshow!”

Who knew it could be so easy? I sense a new tradition coming on….Pictures to music at the end of each year! Fun to watch, easy to do, fast transportation to a perfect life and a huge lump in my throat. Big wins, all around.

And it doesn’t hurt that 2011 has been a pretty great year to begin with.

Here’s our little recap:


9 thoughts on “2011, You’ve Done Well

  1. Your slide show is wonderful!! A lovely new tradition is born. I’m all for it! Life IS BEAUTIFUL, isn’t it, especially when it’s nicely encapsulated into a romantic musical slideshow. HA! 🙂 Love it.

  2. This is beautiful and an excellent idea. Kendra, your Mom fwd this to me and yes pics and music are a tear jerker!!!! You did a great job;; I so enjoyed this and good tradition; Blessings to you and your in 2012.

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