Christmas Favorites

Frying some Christmas eggs.

Doing some Christmas tube sliding.

Unwrapping some Christmas presents.

So far, our Christmas has been full and fun. We have three more days of activities before we head back home to camp, so it’s feeling a bit like a marathon, but I’m trying to embrace it.

Funniest Christmas moment would have to be my gift from Anika:

Yes. That would be my very own “Fortieth Birthday Count-Down”. Put it up on the wall, and take a number down every year on my birthday, so that I know exactly how many years are left until I turn forty.

What?!! I’m thirty-three. My thoughts had honestly not turned towards the 40 year mark yet. But now they will on a daily basis…???

So with life rushing by at the speed of light, you’d better get off the computer, and go enjoy some Christmas family time!

Hope it’s a good one! It’ll be over before you know it….

2 thoughts on “Christmas Favorites

  1. Kendra, just found your blog. LOVE it!! Ahh, a wee bit like having a late-night college-day conversation ;). Except, now the popcorn is pink ;), and mine is still slathered with margarine!!! Bookmarked in my favorites. Will pop by again!
    And hey, the closer your tags get to 40, so does mine 🙂 YIKES!!

    • Oh, Leah, it is so good to hear from you! Thanks for commenting – it led me to discovering your blog! Now I’ll need to go explore over there. 🙂 And yes, if the college years has their own “scent”, it would be popcorn! Those were good, good days!

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