Trying to Make Some Christmas Memories

Oh, it’s that time of year again.

I love decorating for Christmas…in theory.

But in actuality, it always turns chaotic, and someone gets grumpy and/or frustrated, and then it becomes contagious, and before long, I’m wondering why in the world we’re decorating for Christmas at all.

Ben often voices this thought, usually while I’m still thinking that it’s fun and important, and I think I love doing it, but it takes me about 45 minutes of trying to decorate to agree with him. If our timing on that sentiment would match up, the girls would come dangerously close to going without a Christmas tree.

But what gets me every time are these two little things:

1) Memories – from when I was a kid, and Christmas decorations were magical.

2) Our girls’ reactions – They love it as much as I used to! Anika plays with our little Christmas village every day, from the day we set it up until the day we take it down. Kaylia is following strong in her big sister’s example.

And they get so excited about decorating a Christmas tree, just like every kid.

So let the decorating chaos continue…for many years to come.

This year, I have something new to think about to get me through the moments of grumpiness:

Then we dragged out our Christmas decorations and set to work for the rest of the afternoon together. The tinies were so excited and we’re drifting into the years when they have precedent, when they remember what we did last year, when they can’t wait to open up the box and see their ornaments from the year before. It reminded me again that this is their time, their childhood and these are the memories they’ll have, the standard and expectations for their grown-up Christmases. (Emerging Mummy)

I want them to remember the way we used to do things. The traditions we had when I was a kid have always been important. I love continuing them with my kids, and adding some of Ben’s traditions, and coming up with some brand new ones of our own!

And sometimes that’s hard work, and it takes a lot of effort, and sometimes the efforts really bomb, but sometimes they create magic.

So we’ll keep trying, and I’ll keep remembering that these are the years I want to remember forever, and I hope our girls will, too.

7 thoughts on “Trying to Make Some Christmas Memories

  1. Oh, I so connect to the feeling of chaos! I remember a couple of years ago I was trying to make the evening magical with Christmas decorating with the whole family. It was not good. I decided that perhaps it was okay for me to get a few of the Christmas decorations up without the family around. That works so much better for us. We get all the “magic” without all the pressure to make an amazing family time out of it. We still do some of it together as an entire family, but some of the decorations are just more fun for me to put up myself…with my Christmas music playing. Glad you got your decorations up relatively unscathed, emotionally! I agree…they are so worth it. Kids love them! And I love watching them love it all!

  2. Apparently, the feeling of chaos while decorating is one felt by many…maybe all?! And, yet, the end result is just so cheery and festive and cozy and who would want to go without it?!!!! I heard about a company in Winnipeg that puts up lights and stuff for people and then stores everything for those months when it just takes up space in your storage…and i thought…”What a great idea!” But, I think I’d have a bit of trouble actually letting someone else do the decorating for me. It’s still a thrill…even if the thrill comes more at the end of the project than at the beginning. I guess maybe I should get that tree up one of these days. I used to do it on Remembrance Day. WHAT WAS I THINKING??? Didn’t I have anything else to do with my time? I can’t imagine it now. But, other preparations have been taking place for quite a while already…homemade gifts and stuff like that. Fun stuff. And, I totally agree with Julia…there is nothing wrong with doing some of it on your own…it just makes it that much more fun for the kids when they only have to help for the good stuff…like actually putting the ornaments on the tree. That’s usually all my kids can handle before their eyes dart around to all the other things they could be doing. Happy Christmas decorating, dear Kendra! The memories in the years to come will probably only be about the good stuff anyway!

    • I love what you wrote about the kids only remembering the good stuff, anyway! It was a break-through moment for me, and I think that from now on, I will plan the decorating a little more strategically! (And never feel bad about long comments!)

  3. Hang in there, Ken!! It won’t be long until your girls are a bit older and it will be much easier. Amber does pretty much all of our Christmas decorating by now and my stress level in this area has gone way down. You will get there too before you know it!

    • Thanks for your comment! I can easily imagine Amber very capably decorating the entire house, and probably taking over the Christmas baking department as well?!

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