Can I Be Pretend?

I was making supper the other day when I happened to overhear this little conversation:

Kaylia: “Anka, can I be pretend?”

Anika: “Why, yes, anyone in the WORLD can be pretend.”


That may be one of my favorite things about having kids – any day is a good day for pretending. For a child, there is so much simple joy and amusement in the little things, and anything can become magical.

Tents out of curtains…

Dancing like a princess…

Or setting off on an adventure…

You never know what kind of pretending you might come across.

Happy Monday! May your week be filled with all kinds of adventures…

4 thoughts on “Can I Be Pretend?

  1. I absolutely love that ‘conversation’ between Kaylia and Anika! Just makes me want to go do something really imaginative and creative, even if my kids aren’t at home!!!

      • This might not seem imaginative or creative to some people, but I had the most amazing experience of ‘letting loose’ and freeing myself in the afternoon! I sorted through all of my clothes and filled a garbage bag to overflowing. Anything I was in doubt about, went OUT! I took it to MCC this morning. It felt sooo good to be rid of a bunch of things that I really did not need. Oh yeah, and I also sat down in the middle of the day to read a book for fun!

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