Insecure Much?

During the summer, I wrote a post about the books our family was enjoying, and shared that I was reading Beth Moore’s book, So Long, Insecurity.

There are so many thoughts that have been floating around in my mind as a result of this book.

It’s been a slow read, because I’m going through it together with one of my friends. We read a few chapters, and then talk on the phone and share the stuff we’ve been learning. I think slow has been good, because it gives me more of a chance to “chew” on the new ideas I’m taking in.

First thing I learned: I don’t exactly like reading a book about insecurity.

I like to take a book along with me when we’re running errands in the city, so that if I ever have to wait for an appointment or something, I have something productive to do. But do you have any idea how many women stare at you when you’re reading a book called, So Long, Insecurity?

I feel like I’m announcing to the world that I have issues. ‘Cause I wouldn’t be reading this book is I wasn’t insecure, right? But the book says that pretty much everybody, men and women, have insecurity issues in some form, at some point in their life.

So there you go. It turns out that I’m in good company.

For all of you who feel you also might have even a teeny tiny twinge of insecurity somewhere in the hidden depths of your being, or you have issues that don’t make sense and you’re not sure what the root is, and you haven’t read this book, but you’re feeling slightly curious….

Today is your lucky day!

Today is the day I tell you about my new little series I’ll be doing on this blog about insecurity. I was just going to do one post, but it’s a huge, slippery issue, so I’ll take a few days to tell you about the biggest things I’ve been learning when it comes to insecurity.

I’ve been surprised by the things that were uncovered. What I’ve been learning about insecurity is not what I expected. It’s been uncomfortable at times. But it’s also been interesting and challenging, so I’m willing to share some of the ugly stuff, in the hope that you can feel like you’re not alone, and can start releasing some things in your life to God.

Ready to get started?! I’ll see you tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “Insecure Much?

  1. Good book. I started reading it last fall and was also fairly surprised at what I was all learning. Then, in one of the chapters, we’re asked to set aside some uninterrupted time to do some real soul-searching…and what can I say, I just don’t have a whole lot of uninterrupted time. So, it sort of fell by the wayside. Every once-in-a-while I see it on the bookshelf and think I should maybe try again. I think you might just inspire me to pick it up again. After all, I do have SOME uninterrupted time…maybe I just need to think about it at the right time. I’m anxious to hear what you’ve learned.

    • That’s kind of funny – the “uninterrupted time” thing almost turned me off, too. The only reason I plugged through it was because I knew my friend would be waiting for me to finish it! (And I didn’t do it all at once – I broke it up into smaller chunks of time.) Once I got through, it was much more manageable!

      I hope you do get inspired to pick it up again – it’s so good! And then we’ll talk on the phone about all of our enlightened thoughts about insecurity, and it will be wonderful. I’ll be waiting for your call! 😉

  2. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. I love Beth Moore. I so wish I had her knowledge and skill to teach the Message. Hey, I was thinking the other day that you should start an online Bible study. A thought – No? Well if not, then do you know of any good online Bible studies? Thanks!

    • Thanks, Julie! Hmm, an online Bible study…That would be fun, but not something I’d try until my kids are older! Have you done any Beth Moore online Bible studies? I’ve done her “Believing God” study online, and I really want to do the study on spiritual gifts. You can find the “Believing God” study here:

      Believing God

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