Weekend Favorites

Yes, I know that it’s Tuesday. But we had a long weekend! Our own personal long weekend. At camp, I feel like I never have a clue what day of the week it is anymore, anyway.

We had such a great time as a family this weekend. And we did all kinds of fun things:

1) Spent time with grandparents

My parents are leaving for Florida, which makes me sad, because they will be gone until Christmas. They’ll come home for a brief time, and then they’ll be gone again until spring. My only comfort is that when they leave again after Christmas, we will be right behind them!

We had a little farewell lunch at McDonald’s.

We spent the rest of the weekend at Ben’s parents’, which was also lots of fun. I’m so thankful for grandparents that the girls love spending time with any chance they get.

2) Had some Halloween fun.

We’re not huge on celebrating Halloween, but we ate some treats, the girls wore some costumes, and we handed out some candy.

3) Celebrated our anniversary!

We had such a good time. Whenever we go away for our anniversary, we love to go back to our favorite hotel, Inn at the Forks.

Our room was amazing, and we love to walk around at the Forks. At the Forks, in fall, with Ben = the perfect weekend getaway.:)

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