The Spice of Life

So, I could write something deep and spiritual, but after the week I’ve had, I think we’ll stick with light and humorous.

Not that it’s been a bad week or anything. It’s just been one of those weeks when Kaylia has found some new mischief to get into anytime I turn my back. Her absolute favorite thing to do is “help” me in the kitchen, and her favorite way to help is using the food processor.

Yeah, scary. Sharp blades, chopping wildly. It keeps me on my toes.

Tonight, I cleaned up the dangerous stuff, but when I turned around, there she was:

Since when can she open up my spice containers? She had entirely emptied the cinnamon and cloves into the parts of the food processor that I’d left on the counter, and she was well on her way to dumping out my cumin and oregano. Interesting combination.

And Anika has kept me laughing with some of the things she’s said this week, but not all of them are “blog appropriate”. But this morning I happened to overhear the following from one of her stories:

“They didn’t drink, but I wished they would – then they’d crack more jokes, and ride their horses more wildly.”

I have no idea where she’s getting her views on drinking from! This might require some investigation…

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