Anika’s Favorite Things Right Now

Okay, everybody, it’s “Birthday Tradition” time on the blog! Whenever there’s a birthday in our family, we document “Favorite Things Right Now”. Anika turned eight on Saturday, so she’s the lucky one to list her favorites today. (To see Anika’s favorite things from last year, go here.)

When I asked Anika about her favorite things this year, I found that some things had not changed at all in a year. She still likes eating most of the same foods, and playing the same things. But there were a few answers that surprised me. It’s such a great way for me to see into her little world and be reminded of the things she likes.

Favorite Breakfast: sausage, eggs, and pancakes (New for her: she makes her own scrambled eggs now:)

Favorite Lunch: french fries, chicken fingers

Favorite Supper: breadsticks, salad with croutons (the croutons are the most important part), meatballs, mashed potatoes, and cake for dessert

Favorite Snack: cinnamon bread, donut muffins, applesauce, smoothie pops

Favorite Toys: Rapunzel Barbie (her most treasured new birthday gift), Polly Pockets

Favorite Clothes: dresses and skirts

Favorite Colors: pink, white, purple, red, blue, gold, silver

Favorite Books: Mandie books and Canadian Girl books

Favorite Things to Do: play with Barbies and Polly Pockets, play with Chloe, ride bike

My Favorite Things About Anika Right Now:

Her Stories – Whenever we have people over in the evenings after Anika is in bed, they often comment on the fact that Anika is reading so loudly and heartily to herself in her room. And we always explain that no, she is not reading, she is talking to herself and telling stories while she plays with her Polly Pockets. She’s done that for years, and she’s still going strong. I will cry the day that she decides she’s too old to do it anymore. (Maybe that day never has to come??!) And then I will encourage her to write down all of the wild, imaginative thoughts that are inside of her and need to get out. And maybe someday she’ll become an author. Who knows?!

Our conversations – I love it that as Anika gets older, we can talk about more and more things. She thinks very deeply, and comes up with great (hard) questions. My favorite moments with her are after we’ve been reading together, and she starts asking questions.

Her winks – This she has picked up from her grandpa, and I think it’s so great! She is always winking mischievously at me.:)

She’s such a sweet, friendly, imaginative little girl, and I’m so glad she’s a part of our family!

Pictures taken by Morgan Braun

3 thoughts on “Anika’s Favorite Things Right Now

    • You should totally try it! My mom did it every year for me when I was growing up, and it’s kind of funny to see those lists now. 🙂

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