My Thoughts on Garage Saling

Well, we survived. When I climbed into my van this morning to drive to Amanda’s house for our garage sale, it was zero degrees out. Fortunately, things warmed up quickly.

Lots of people have bad things to say about having a garage sale. I don’t know if I really have very strong feelings, one way or the other. Obviously, if I had the choice, I would rather be lying on a beach in Mexico, but having a garage sale wasn’t that bad.

It was lots of work to get everything gathered, sorted, priced and set up, but today was quite enjoyable. The sun got nice and warm, I got to spend the day with Amanda, and we ate cucumbers and ripple chips. Oh, and we made a little bit of money.

Successful? I think any day that includes eating ripple chips is a successful day!

But seriously, my reasons for having a garage sale changed very dramatically just a few weeks ago. As I mentioned yesterday, I read this fantastic book this summer that inspired me to survive a garage sale. Tsh Oxenreider shares a number of reasons for doing so, and most of them have nothing to do with money.

She writes about the benefit of having a deadline for decluttering, being humbled at the sight of so much stuff spread all over the driveway while people pick through it, and having the eye-opening experience of finding out how little all of those items are worth. She writes about how it’s so much work that it will make you see “stuff” in a completely different way. “Easy in” is not so easy out. Shopping is fun, but decluttering, simplifying and selling your possessions is a lot of work. The answer? Don’t buy it in the first place! The work of a garage sale can be punishment enough to stop shopping for anything beyond the necessary.

Tsh Oxenreider’s reasons for having a sale fascinated me, and now that the whole thing is done, I would have to say that I got out of it what I was hoping for. I want the unnecessary out of my life. I want to know what I own, use what I own, like what I own. I want a simple life and a simple home, and I want my materialistic desires and shopping habits to match those goals.

I want to want less, and buy only what we truly need, and will actually use.

Now that I’ve purged, I get a fresh start.

And guess what? I don’t regret a single thing I got rid of – I already wish I’d gotten rid of more!

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