Random Pieces of My Life

We started homeschool today. Anika had been doing her school work for a total of maybe two minutes, when she sighed dramatically and said, “I can’t wait until spring, when I don’t have to do school anymore!”

Could be a long year?!


We spent the last three days in the city with the Pursuit students. We’ve been staying at Ben’s parents’ house while Ben and the students took a wilderness survival first aid training course. Anika was in her glory, because she loves spending any time she can with the students, and Kaylia is slowly opening up to them, too. She did some great girl bonding with them while playing doll house…

Kaylia is well on her way to developing her split-personality skills. At home, she is the happiest, bubbliest, most talkative little girl ever, but when we go to the lodge, she is very quiet and serious, and says she is “scared” of people. I don’t quite know how to deal with this. It’s completely new territory. I have a new personality type to add to my parenting repertoire.


I am having a garage sale today. Without a garage. I always said I would never have a garage sale. But I read a book this summer that changed my mind. Tell you all about it soon. It’s fantastic, other than the fact that it made me decide to have a garage sale.

Fortunately, I’m doing it with my friend (and soon-to-be camp neighbour!) Amanda, and we’ve decided that even if we sell nothing, we will still have a successful day of hanging out and eating snacks together.

Wish me luck!

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