The Shocking Truth

I have not taken a single picture this weekend.

Completely out of character for me. I don’t know what is going on.

Actually, I do. Rain is going on. This weekend has been cold and gloomy. Wonderful for being cozy inside, reading books, talking with people I love, turning on the heat, but don’t tell anyone, cause I know I’m not supposed to do that yet but I’M FREEZING.

But not for taking pictures, because of that gloomy part.

So. No pictures, but the weekend has been great. It’s Family Camp out here, which means we have tons of families with all different ages of kids and adults enjoying camp, and it’s such a great atmosphere! And our friends came with their kids for the weekend, but I had no idea, so it was a fun surprise.

Ben is gone from morning until late night, and we will catch up with him tomorrow afternoon. After he takes a looooong nap. When he came in last night, he said, “I miss Kaylia! I didn’t see her at all today.” Weird, hey? We live where we work. And yet it’s possible for him not to see her for a whole day. In part, that’s because I took the girls to my parents’ cabin for the afternoon.

And that’s what we’ve been up to. I will get my camera out today, and make up for lost time.

Hope your long weekend has been fantastic! And warm.

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