The Funnest Treat of Our Summer

This summer, we discovered homemade ice cream. But not the regular kind. Anika can’t have milk, I have my suspicions about Kaylia’s ability to digest it, and Ben doesn’t eat sugar, so it’s pretty amazing to have a treat that they can all enjoy.

Guess how easy it is for you to enjoy the yummiest healthy treat ever: You throw frozen bananas and any kind of fruit into a food processor, and process it. That’s it! Something magical happens in the food processor, and transforms it into the exact consistency of soft serve ice cream. I do not know how this is possible, I just know that it is.

You should try it. Ice cream, everyday, forevermore.You, too, can have children as happy as mine.

And then you can get really creative, and throw in nuts or chocolate chips or peanut butter. Then you will be as happy as Ben is when he’s experimenting, and mixing up new flavors. Your life will never be the same…

Happy September!


3 thoughts on “The Funnest Treat of Our Summer

  1. ooooh, sounds good! kaylia’s expression in that first picture is so typical of Anika”s picture poses I had to do a double take before I realized it was her.


  2. Thanks so much for posting! Just tried this! It was received with 2 completely in sync “Mmmmmmmmmm.”s after the first bite! I will need to greatly increase my banana budget!

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