The Happiest Weekend Pictures Ever

I wonder how many little girls started having “the best day EVER”, after watching the movie Tangled. This quote is used very frequently at our house – anytime Anika is having fun, she announces that it is “the best day EVER”.

Picking Ben up at the airport and playing at the airport play structure on Saturday was the best day ever.

Going to the park for a picnic and feeding the ducks on Sunday was also the best day ever.

And spending the morning at the Forks on Monday also happened to be the best day ever.

In short, it was the best weekend ever.


We are all very happy to have Ben home, and to be together as a family, once again. 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Happiest Weekend Pictures Ever

    • Thanks! That purple dress is actually made out of old T-shirts, using this tutorial: party in the back

      My husband was gone for two weeks, completing the last course for his Masters degree. He’s done!! So happy to have him back.

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