Writing Prompts

Oh, guys. The creativity has been slow in coming the last few days. WordPress seems to sense it. Three ideas popped up as suggestions for what to write about when I don’t know what to write:

What are people most surprised to learn about me? That I don’t drink anything but water. Ever. Except the occasional cup of tea, which I had to force myself to acquire a taste for. When I was a toddler in my terrible twos, I refused to eat anything but bread and water. Somehow, I never got in the habit of drinking anything else. I’ve never tasted Coke. I think that pop stings the tongue in gross, uncomfortable ways – why would I voluntarily choose to drink it? I don’t understand the appeal. So I stick to water.

What do I wish I spent more time doing? Reading. I love reading.

What is the best news I could receive right now? That Ben was coming home a few days early.

And there you have it. Random answers to random questions during a creative drought, as we hang on, waiting for Ben to come home. Day after tomorrow!!



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