Entering Week Two

I think we’ve hit a bit of a slump around here this weekend. Ben’s been gone for a week, but we have another week left, and we’re starting to feel it.

On Saturday, Anika was in tears a few different times throughout the day because she missed Daddy so much, and Kaylia was still saying, “Daddy went faaaaaar away. She is on an airplane.” (Everyone is a “she” to her right now.) I corrected her, and told her that Daddy was not on the airplane anymore, and that he was at school. Now she says, “I want to go to school.”

On Sunday, Anika told Kaylia that we would soon go pick Daddy up from the airport. “Soon” means nothing to Kaylia. She dropped her toys, and headed for the door immediately, saying, “I want to go to airport.”

Fortunately for us, my parents are finding ways to keep us distracted, as we face Week Two!


One thought on “Entering Week Two

  1. How cute! Sounds like you have your hands full. Good thing that your parents are there now to kind of distract a little. πŸ™‚

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