Distance Lends Enchantment

I don’t know if I agree with that quote – I find Ben quite enchanting, even when there is no distance between us.

But right now, there is distance between us, and I miss him. “Normal” life would be very appealing right now. He is in BC, completing his final course for his Masters at Trinity Western University.

And I am at home, finding out all over again that there is a very good reason why it takes two people to bring children into this world. That was a good idea God had. We’re doing fine, everything is going well, but there is a very large, Daddy-sized hole. Everything just works much better when he is around.

Anika said she was missing him already only two hours after he left on Saturday, and when we went down to the beach today, Kaylia saw the camp speaker from a distance, and got all excited because she thought it was Ben. She kept saying, “Daddy is at the beach!” But once we got closer, she realized her mistake, and said, “That not Daddy.”

But I am very glad that he has had the chance to work on getting his Masters. He’s wanted to do it for years, and it gives me the chance to toughen up and find out how much I can actually do on my own. Well, with the help of my mom, who is staying at their cabin five minutes away. And with the help of two sweet girls, who can be causing all kinds of problems one moment, and then the next moment are doing things like helping me in the kitchen.

Despite a few “off” moments, I think we’ll be okay!


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