The High Points of My Day

I was asked many times yesterday if I was having a good birthday. Because Ben took me out for a birthday date on Saturday, we kind of did our celebrating on the weekend, and the actual day of my birthday felt like…a day.

However, there were a few moments that stick out in my mind as being rather memorable….

I was told that I’m “ageless”. That is the nicest comment anyone has ever made about the fact that I look far younger than I really am. Much preferable to the time this last winter when I answered the door at my parents’ house, and was asked if my grandpa was at home. It was funny, except for the fact that this kind of thing happens to me all the time. Sometimes I’d just like to look my age. But I think I’m almost old enough start appreciating the youthful quality I seem to possess.

Another favorite moment was finding the birthday note Anika had left for me, promising hugs and kisses all day (written in her adorable 7-year-old printing, with spelling to match).

Ben surprised me with flowers that he had someone else pick up in the city.

And Kaylia showered me with compliments all day. She would pat my head while I was putting on her shoes, and say, “Nice hair, Mama!” Or while I was changing her diaper, she would study the staff shirt I was wearing (along with every other staff member at camp today),  and would say, “I like your shirt – beautiful shirt. Pretty shirt!”

But I laughed the most when she pulled my shirt up to reveal my belly button, and said, with much expression, “Oh, wow! I like that! That’s beautiful.”

So there you have it – I’m an ageless, much hugged and kissed, be-flowered birthday girl with a beautiful belly button. I shall go forth into this new year with confidence.

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