What Summer Means To Me

Someone asked me the other day if we had any big travel plans for this summer.

I resisted the urge to let out a snort of laughter, and proceeded to explain that camp directors do not travel anywhere in summer. Unless it’s completely unavoidable. Like Ben going to BC for two weeks to finish his last course for his Masters.

So, no. As long as we live at camp, we will not be taking any leisurely road trips across the country during the summer.

But the question made me think about the fact that when most people think about summer, they think very different things than I do when I think about summer.

This is normal for us, but it’s not normal for most people. Sometimes I forget that. So I made a list.

Here is what summer means to me:

  • the bell ringing throughout the day to signal the beginning of the next activity
  • buses of kids arriving every week
  • hotdogs on Mondays, hamburgers on Saturdays
  • going to the beach almost every afternoon
  • sandy floors all over the house, because we’re constantly tracking in more than I can keep up with
  • lying in bed at night with the windows open, listening to the loons on the lake
  • the hydro going out almost every time there’s a storm because the trees are always falling on the power lines
  • boat rides and water skiing
  • the happy sound of kids having fun, every second of the day
  • people everywhere, all the time
  • Sunday morning walks before our chapel service
  • picking wild blueberries
  • sharing every meal with the staff and campers at the lodge

Travel plans this summer? Where would we go – camping? The beach? We’d just rather stay home!


One thought on “What Summer Means To Me

  1. That actually sounds like an awesome summer! I always wanted a job where I could work in a camp or in the bush the entire summer, maybe that’s what I’ll strive to do for next year ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks,

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