Cheating Off of Ben’s Homework

Over the last few months, Ben’s been taking a course on “Sustainability in Leadership”. As usual, this has resulted in many interesting conversations, great books he has to read for his course lying around for me to read, and some interesting homework assignments.

For one assignment, Ben had to try out some “spiritual disciplines” and then write a paper about them.

This is a topic that has interested me for awhile, but now it’s been on my mind even more than usual.

The word “discipline” is not really a very appealing word – it makes me think of going without ice cream, or giving our girls “time-outs”. Add “spiritual” to the “discipline”, and it sounds like being a Christian isn’t much fun.

But a spiritual discipline is actually a beautiful, challenging thing – it means practicing a habit that will help to draw you closer to Jesus. It can be stuff like fasting, meditation, silence, solitude, etc.

Since I would absolutely love to grow closer to Jesus, but sometimes lack the discipline, I’ve been feeding off of Ben’s homework assignment, and this has resulted in some great experiences, and new lessons learned.

So, we’re going to do a little “Spiritual Disciplines” series around here. Once a week, I’ll write a post about what we’ve been trying and learning and reading. And it won’t be fun in the same way as ice cream or no more punishments for naughty behaviour. But I’ve found it to be great in a different way.

We’ll start tomorrow! And I’ll share my story about what I learned from looking at the bark of a tree for half an hour.

Which will be a lot more interesting than what that just sounding like….


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