I Always Need Some Water

I grew up with this view:

And then I spent a lot of time enjoying this view:

Then I lived in places like Winnipeg and Niverville, and the view would often depress me.

So I was very glad when we moved back to this view:

The Lesson I Have Learned: I want to live by water for the rest of my life. Even if it’s just a birdbath in the middle of the city, I want to have some little puddle of my own.

Anything that will reflect the colors of the sky at sunset. (Which kind of makes it sound like I run around, dancing and singing “Colors of the Wind” like Pocahontas, but I don’t. Really.)


3 thoughts on “I Always Need Some Water

  1. That’s ironic – I just posted about a similar scene without having seen your post till now. I agree about living close to water – it is so peaceful. We at least have a tiny brook behind our home right now that I can hear trickling sometimes. When we lived in Port Moody, I loved watching the tides go in and out of the inlet. Good for you for returning to such a peaceful spot.

  2. Just face it, Pocahontas…i can totally picture you running through the woods singing “Colors of the Wind”…

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