There’s Something About Going Home…

This week, I’m going home.

Well, it hasn’t been my home for 14 years, but really, deep down, it will always kind of be “home”. There are so many wonderful, happy memories from my childhood there. I love going there with our girls and watching them doing all the things I did when I was a little girl.

Ben has another two week course to do for his Masters, but instead of going to BC this time, it’s an online course. The internet at camp is not reliable, so Ben will be spending these next two weeks at his parents’ house, studying and house sitting while his parents traipse around Europe.

I decided it would be a good time for a visit to my parents’, so that Ben doesn’t get distracted by his distractingly wonderful girls.

Getting ready for this next week has made me think a lot about my childhood, about where I came from and what has made me who I am – all the important stuff my parents tried to teach me, and that I hope to pass on to our girls.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have such amazing parents. They love me, support me, and have filled my life with much happiness.

But I don’t just feel that way because they’re my parents – everybody else really likes my parents, too! Because they are just really amazing people.

My dad is funny, kind, and helpful, and so fantastic with people. He could thaw out the coldest, hardest heart, and is godly, wise, and wonderful.

And my mom is the most caring person, who just gives, and gives, and gives. Her gifts and parties and baking are the best you’ll ever see. When I was in college, she would send food along for my friends, poor college students far from home. They loved it so much that one guy got down on one knee in front of me and proposed in the cafeteria, because he wanted my mom for his mother-in-law. (And it wasn’t Ben.)

What I’m really thankful for these days is the fact that they let me have a fun, wonderful, innocent childhood. They let me be a kid in a world where a lot of children are forced to grow up too quickly. And then they taught me to get out into the world, work hard, value the things that are truly important, and love God like crazy.

I don’t want to take my memories and my childhood for granted. I want to remember the important things, so that I will pass them on.

So I made a list – some of my favorite things that I learned from my mom and dad, in no particular order:

  1. Don’t think about the crops when it’s raining.
  2. Family Nights are very important.
  3. Laundry should be finished in one day. (Seriously! Who wants to keep doing it every day?? Work like mad, get it done, then go enjoy your clean clothes for the rest of the week!)
  4. Wait with dating until you’re old enough for it to mean something.
  5. Birthdays are a big deal, and should be celebrated accordingly.
  6. Exploring, taking risks, and getting minor injuries are important for character development.
  7. Pray together. (This one is a blog post in itself – I’ll save that for later this week!)
  8. Work hard, rest hard. (My dad knows how to get shocking amounts of work done, but on Sundays, he reads and naps as though he doesn’t have a worry in the world. Growing up, it didn’t matter how much it had rained all week during harvest, if Sunday was sunny, my dad would still stay home and relax with the family.)
  9. Find joy in nature.
  10. Good old-fashioned slideshows are the best way to enjoy pictures.
  11. Church is important. Be there, and look nice. (Jeans are not nice enough.)
  12. Joking and teasing should be plentiful, but know when to stop.
  13. Traveling together as a family makes the best memories.

I could probably keep going for a long time. But these are the things that came to mind first.

So there you have it. My thoughts on going home. My guess is that we’ll have a lot more fun than Ben. Poor guy. He’s not very excited about sitting in front of a computer for the next two weeks.

BUT…it’s his second-last course! We’re almost at the end!

Anyway. I’m sure there will be all kinds of fun things to share this week as I relive my childhood.

What are your favorite childhood memories?


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