Today is Picture Day!

I took last week off. Could you tell?! I worked super hard the week before to schedule all my little posts, and I promised Ben that I wouldn’t touch my blog for a whole week. (He’s taking a course on “sustainability in leadership” right now, so he’s all inspired to protect me from blog burn-out!) It was kind of refreshing! Now I’m ready to get back to work. πŸ™‚ “Work”? Whatever.

Here’s what we did last week:

The ice on the lake broke up! I love it when that happens. This is our fifth spring here, and every year, it is just as exciting to see spring coming, and to see that beautiful water again.

The kids have been playing outside as much as possible, and biking everywhere. This picture of Anika with her doll reminded me of a mother cat:

Kaylia was extremely excited to have a ride on the tractor. She calls it a “beautiful tractor”. And apparently, I went inside too soon, because Ben let Anika steer the tractor during her ride, but I have no picture.

And I went down to the lake for my first little evening escape of the year! I can just barely see the lake from my kitchen window, and there are many evenings when I can see the sun setting, and the trees reflecting on the calm water, and I know that I need to get down there the first chance I get. We get the girls in bed, and Ben holds down the fort while I go sunset-watching.

It’s good to be back!