Guest post: by Ben

So my beautiful wife has been hounding asking me for a while to do a guest post on her blog. My original thought was to put up some deep, spiritual truth about discipleship and how to learn to love Jesus more. Instead, Kendra asked me to write something short and funny, because she thinks that I can be a pretty funny guy sometimes. I’m so thankful that Kendra thinks I’m funny, because otherwise our relationship would probably be filled with many awkward silences after I attempt to crack a joke. I’m not entirely certain that I actually am funny outside of my own home, but that doesn’t matter. My wife thinks I am, and that’s all that matters. If anyone else thinks differently, please don’t talk to Kendra about it as I’d like to keep her under the impression that I am as funny as she thinks I am. Wow, I’ve used the word ‘funny’ many times in this paragraph so far. That’s funny in a strange kind of way…

I’m already starting to take up too much of the valuable word limit that apparently makes a good blog post, so let me jump to the point:

You should read Kendra’s blog more often.

Bookmark it, add it into your blog reader, memorize the url, or all of the above. Kendra is way to humble to say this, but I think that she writes some amazing stuff. Deep, thoughtful, challenging, and sometimes her posts contain wonderful humour. I must rub off on her in that way at least.

She probably won’t like that I’m doing a shameless promotion for her blog, but she did ask me to do a guest post, so I get to write about whatever I want. It was either this, or an essay on the photosynthesis of plants. I flipped a coin and Kendra’s writing skills won. For today at least…

In case some of you readers wonder what Kendra’s husband (me) is up to when he is not trying to write a guest post on her blog, feel free to check out or

Bonus points to everyone who comments with the correct number of times I used the word funny in this post…

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