Family Circus

Our girls seemed to be extra full of energy this weekend.

Anika and Kaylia were having more fun than you’d think possible, hanging their heads out the window and shouting out Copper’s name over and over again. (Copper is the camp dog.)

Then Anika brought the fun to a whole new level:

They started shouting to each other through the open windows.

And then Anika went outside and peeked at Kaylia through the window. Kaylia could hardly contain herself. There was much laughing and shrieking.

We got outside to enjoy the sunshine, and the snow melting…AGAIN! I guess melting snow is so wonderful that we get to experience it twice in one year – lucky us!

Favorite quotes from the weekend:

Kaylia: “I LOVE HOCKEY!” (Ben’s been waiting to hear those words uttered by one of his children.)

Anika, enthusiastically said as a Viagra commercial came on: “Oh, I love this one!!”

And Anika’s views on the up-coming election for prime minister: “I’ll vote for the one who is the most handsome.” (Thank goodness the future of our country does not rest on her shoulders.)

2 thoughts on “Family Circus

  1. Hey, who can resist that Viagra commercial!!? It’s too blasted catchy! Do you think that’s the point…hmmmmm….

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