Exploring Rochester

Yesterday was a very wonderful day. I had almost the whole day free, and after three days of countless appointments and tests, it was just what I needed!

Everything in downtown Rochester is connected by tunnels and walkways, so every time I have to run over to the clinic, I stay inside.

Very practical and convenient, but has definitely left me craving some fresh air.

So we headed off this morning with the goal of buying some milk and finding a park with a play structure.

On the big cliff overlooking the grocery store parking lot, there was a huge, beautiful, old mansion. Anika loves stuff like that, which makes Ben and me pretty happy because we love it too, so off we went to explore.

This is the Plumber House, and in summer, it’s open for tourists to walk through the house and gardens. In spring, the house is closed and no one is around. We had so much fun exploring. There is a huge tower on the grounds which Anika thought looked exactly like Rapunzal’s tower.

I took about a million pictures. It was such a beautiful spring morning, and there were so many interesting things to see.

It was my favorite day yet! Today is my last day of appointments at Mayo, and then we get to meet up with our friends, Trevor,Terra-Lee, and their girls, for a weekend in Minneapolis! So excited!

Have a good weekend!

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