Monday is Picture Day

Today is Monday, and that means it’s time for a bunch of pictures…

To start off with, we have a picture of Kaylia in an apron, because aprons are her new obsession. Whenever I’m working in the kitchen, she will go get the aprons out, and insist that we both put one on.

The girls were coloring together the other day – Anika was drawing a butterfly for Kaylia, because she knows they’re Kaylia’s favorite. It’s a relevant picture to post because it really highlights Kaylia’s “street urchin” look that she’s got going on these days. Her hair is going through an interesting growing phase, and she looks exactly like the picture of the street urchin in Anika’s “A Little Princess” book. Except she’s a lot chubbier.

This is my “normal day” picture – Anika doing schoolwork, Kaylia playing with toys, and me folding laundry while I wait for Anika to finish her work. Actually, that’s a “good” normal day. On a “not-so-good” normal day, Anika is not very excited about doing schoolwork, Kaylia is trashing the house, and I am trying to find enough patience to make it until nap time. Always happy for days that look like this:

And here’s one from the other evening. It was family night, so we had just finished an intense game of hide and seek, and then we moved on to horsey rides.

When people ask what we’ve been up to lately, I don’t quite know how to sum it all up! We’ve been cooking and cleaning and homeschooling and playing and working and reading  and disobeying and apologizing and singing and dancing- lots of normal, little things that make me happy (except the disobeying part) because they’re just ordinary, everyday activities that make up our life right now.

We’re ready for another week of it!

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