My Favorite Person to Quote Right Now

I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing this last week, and I keep finding scraps of paper that I’ve used to quickly write down things that I overhear Anika saying as she tells stories with her little dolls and figurines. All of these little pieces of paper are now safely stored in my notebook that I’ve been keeping for the last five years, but some of these quote are too good not to share:

“She rushed home to get the sharpest knife she could find. ‘Now I will duel with him,’ she thought.

‘Where is Pollyanna?’ he asked.

‘I daren’t to say,’ she said. Then she dueled with him.”


“Mandie related the story in whispers…”


And a story about eating in a restaurant: “‘I’m full up till here,’ said Mandie, touching the top of her Adam’s Apple.”


Some overheard conversations with Chloe…

Performing a wedding ceremony while she and Chloe were playing with Polly Pockets: “You are married with the touch of my hand. You will always be together!….(Long pause while she tried to figure out how to make the whole thing sound official)…Are you with me?!”

After watching The Sound of Music with Auntie Alicia, Anika said to Chloe, “Do you know what a nun is? It worships God and it NEVER gets married.”

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Person to Quote Right Now

  1. I think the closest I’ve come to speaking the untruth is when I’m working in your kitchen and Anika asks,
    “Grandma, were you listening to me?” (which apparently is unacceptable when she’s telling stories!)
    And those priceless little scraps of paper…
    I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if I might still
    find some hidden away about you, Kendra!
    Love, Mom

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