There’s been some heavy-duty playing going on around here this weekend. Kaylia seems to be feeling a bit better, and it’s so good to see both girls perky and having fun. We’ve been doing some painting…

and some pretend cooking…

and playing with Polly Pockets. Kaylia LOVES this car, while Ben and I hate this new activity so much that we hide the car when she’s not looking. But somehow it keeps reappearing. And the same thing keeps happening over and over: Kaylia takes the dolls out and they talk to each other, saying “Bye-bye” or “See you!” or “Have fun!” or “Love you!”. Some combination of those 4 expressions. Then she tries to put the dolls into the car, but she can’t get them to sit properly, so she cries and whines, until we say, “No whining, Kaylia,” and then she says “Help.” So we help her get the dolls in, and then she takes them out and starts the whole thing over. She did this for almost an hour straight yesterday morning, and then another half hour in the afternoon. It keeps her entertained, and I got a lot of housework done, but oh, the drama when those dolls don’t sit properly!

2 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Oh, the stresses of pollies not sitting right!! I know all about that! I think the occasional “Oh, the car is lost! We’ll find it soon…(maybe tomorrow when my sanity returns)” is completely acceptable. Have fun with that. 🙂

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