More Weekend Pictures

My sister sent me some pictures that she had taken over the weekend.

Here’s my niece Amber and her friend with our new camp puppy.

(I’m posting this picture here instead of on the camp blog, because Copper is NOT supposed to jump up on people like that. When Ben saw this picture, he said, “What?! Where’s our staff member who’s supposed to be stopping him from doing that??” But we’re working on it. In the meantime, it’s a cute picture.)

My sister Karla with our girls:

And a picture of our family, in which we are all looking either very tired, or sick. Since that’s fairly accurate, I’m posting it, even though I usually try to only post pictures in which we look as fantastic as possible.

The good news is that we’re looking (and feeling) much better today. I finally had time to nap, Ben had time to shave, and Anika is not sick anymore. Now it’s Kaylia’s turn. But we are still happy, because it was a successful weekend, and now we have more time for nursing a sick little girl to health.

2 thoughts on “More Weekend Pictures

  1. Sorry about Copper jumping up on Amber. I’m not sure Copper would have had much choice about that–Amber pretty much makes dogs do what she wants them to. It’s definitely not Alan’s fault!

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