Pictures From Our Weekend

Ben was hosting the group this weekend, which means that he’s out and about a lot. Which means that for cleaning up after supper and getting the girls ready for bed, I’m on my own. Which calls for creativity. Don’t know why I haven’t thought of it before, but the cutlery drawer was a BIG hit while I was washing dishes. My forks, spoons and knives are still not back to their normal spots – Kaylia had the best time rearranging everything, over and over again. We’ll be using this idea again!

Anika spent the majority of her weekend outside. The camp kids have a “secret hide-out” in the bush across from the houses, so they are very busy in there. I have exactly one picture of the weekend with her in it. I really need to get some pictures of the kids playing outside. In the meantime, she manages to show up in the picture we took after Kaylia’s haircut.

Yes, Kaylia’s haircut….In an effort to make her hair look a little less like a hockey player’s mullet, and a little more like a little girl’s bob (how do they come up with these hairstyle names?), I attempted to cut her hair. I don’t enjoy doing it, because I struggle with cutting things straight. I also was very worried about how much she would move around while I was trying to cut her hair.

But everything went surprisingly well – with the help of Ben and some YouTube videos, Kaylia sat perfectly. The haircut could not be described as “perfect”, but it works! Being the biased mom, I think Kaylia looks cute no matter what her hair is like. She was even rocking a mullet.

But I prefer the bob.



We had Sunday School in Rennie this weekend, so I needed to get everybody ready for “church” while Ben was working. And we discovered another new activity to keep Kaylia busy!

Feet in the sink, perfectly happy getting into all the stuff I was using to get ready. I had to keep a close eye on her so that she wouldn’t stick someone’s toothbrush in her mouth. It worked out very well, and we were all ready by the time Ben got back.

In the afternoon, the guys watched the Superbowl, the ladies got ready for Mother Daughter Camp (only 2 weeks away!), and the children ran wild. Well, not really. They just played hard and had fun.

Today is Ben’s day off, and we don’t have to go to Winnipeg!! It feels like an extra day to our weekend. So we’ll keep enjoying our “weekend”, and hopefully you enjoy the start to your week!


One thought on “Pictures From Our Weekend

  1. Kendra, Kaylia’s haircut is adorable!! And what with her seated ‘in the bathroom sink’…doesn’t seem that long ago when you did the same! Love, Mom

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