One Foot in the Grave

Today Anika and I were looking up some history stuff on the internet. We’ve been reading some Little House on the Prairie, and Anika had a bunch of questions that we were finding answers for.

We were talking about how long different people lived, and she started talking about death and the age at which people die. Suddenly she turned to me and said, “Mommy, you’re going to die soon! You’re old! You’re almost 40!!!”

I’m 32.

I have never even thought of describing myself as “almost 40”.

Thanks for that, Anika.

One thought on “One Foot in the Grave

  1. Oh dear! I can see how 40 seems old to a child! I remember at 12 thinking 16 was so mature and I’d never make it to 21, that’s so old! Well here we are in our glory days of the 30’s! All things considered I’ll stick with 30. I don’t have any crazy desire to be “young” again, in fact that thought scares me. Life is good at 30 and beyond, so enjoy! 🙂

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