The Secret Lies With Charlotte…

Anika has a new doll. She has named it Charlotte, and she loves Charlotte very, very much.

The other day, we were in the van, and Ben was joking around with Anika about her doll. He quoted a line from the movie National Treasure – “The secret lies with Charlotte!” as he was getting out of the van.

Anika misunderstood him, and thought he had said, “The secret lives of Charlotte.” She turned to me with very big, serious eyes, and said, “What did he mean?! Why did he say that?!!!” I kept trying to explain that it was a line from a movie, but I don’t think she really believed me. I finally gave up trying to make her understand when she said, very solemnly and with much awe in her voice, “I’ve always thought that Charlotte had secret lives!!”

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