Here’s What We’ve Been Up To…

So we’ve been kind of heavy on words and light on pictures around here. It’s time to share a whole bunch, especially since camp is looking pretty spectacular since all the snow on the weekend.

Pictures can’t really do it justice. There are HUGE piles of snow everywhere. It’s very beautiful. I love the trees with heavy snow on their branches.

The girls have been having a great time outside.

Inside, we’ve been plugging away at homeschooling…

…and playing, like usual.

There’s been lots of cooking, and I often have my “meals” delivered to me. Kaylia imitates whatever Anika does, and I love seeing how hard she concentrates to balance the play food on the plate as she carries it:


As usual, the girls can fight like crazy one minute, and play so sweetly the next. (Kaylia is usually wearing Anika’s slippers, for playing or fighting.)


The big discovery of the week for Kaylia is washing dishes. She loves it, and splashes until she’s so wet that we have to strip her down. Then she keeps on splashing. Now whenever I’m doing dishes, I’ll be busy at the sink when I suddenly hear a chair scraping across the floor, and I know Kaylia is coming!

Right when I took this picture, she flung the dishcloth out of the sink. She was not expecting it to be so wet, so she was very startled and started to cry. She recovered very quickly, and went back to her splashing.

Since all of these things happened, we’ve spent a busy few days in the city, and now we are home, and happy to be here!

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