In Her Own Words…

Kaylia had a needle this week, and it was a fairly traumatic experience for her. I had to have a doctor’s appointment down the hall, so Ben took her for her needle.

I could hear her screaming from down the hall, so it was almost like I was actually there – I didn’t miss much. No, that’s not true at all – I missed the best part – being able to cuddle her and calm her down after.

Anyway, I sent Ben in prepared with a soother to calm her after, and she did fairly well, all things considered, but my favorite part about the whole thing was hearing her tell me about it later on, in her own words.

I was playing with her that evening, and touched her arm right where she’d gotten the needle. She looked at me with her big, serious eyes, and said, “Owie.”

I asked, “Did you get an owie needle today?”

She was quiet for a second, and then she said, very seriously, “Owie. Cry….Soo! (Soother) Mommy. Bye-bye.”

Yes, Mommy was bye-bye! Next time I won’t be!


One thought on “In Her Own Words…

  1. How special…Kaylia telling you her little traumatic story. I can totally feel along with her; coincidentally I had two needles this week and as soon as the ruthless nurse left, I couldn’t keep back my tears, trying hard to endure the most excruciating pain.
    However, a ‘Soo’ would not have helped!
    Love, miss you…Mom

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