Tasting the Love in the Eggs

Our girls always make breakfast such an interesting time in our home.

For one thing, Kaylia constantly keeps me guessing. Spoon is “Poon” and Rice Krispies are “Pee-pees”, and in a home with a toddler who’s in the midst of potty training, “poo” (with a very quiet “n” at the end of it) and “pee-pees” will get you a very quick trip to the bathroom, rather than a bowl of Rice Krispies. Fortunately, she’s getting better at pronouncing both those words, and also at shaking her head very violently when she does not need to go to the washroom.

Her food choices surprise me – kind of mature for a one and a half year old. She loves Raisin Bran. We’ve had to limit how much she’s allowed to eat because her diapers were suffering from all that bran. She also always wants to eat my breakfast food. I’m in the middle of a quinoa kick, and have been making a delicious bowl of quoina flakes, chopped pecans and coconut oil every morning. I love it, but I find it interesting that Kaylia gobbles it up, too.

Anika is even more of a breakfast girl than Kaylia. She gets all of her nutrients for the whole day just at breakfast, it seems. Her favorite breakfast is 2 bowls of cereal, 2 pieces of toast, and scrambled eggs. I cheat and make scrambled eggs in the microwave, which turns out very differently from the eggs her grandpa makes when we go to the city. Not sure how it started, but they call them “Love Eggs”, and the first time I made microwaved scrambled eggs for Anika, she took a bite, and then said with much disgust, “These eggs do NOT have love in them!!” After explaining to her that of course I had put love in them, she decided that she just can’t taste the love in my eggs.

Here’s a picture of her enjoying her Rice Krispies along with some friends:

5 thoughts on “Tasting the Love in the Eggs

  1. I love your stories about the funny things the girls say and do. “Poo” and “Peepees”…my kids would laugh their head off! 😦 My kids are also fans of Bran Flakes. It’s a funny thing, but I guess they could make worse choices. 🙂 I love the idea of the “love eggs”. Reminds me of how my kids call my Mom’s garden a “treat garden” and never just a garden. Apparently, Gramma’s garden has better stuff than the average one.

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