Memorizing Colossians

Fun new fact that I learned about over here:

If you memorize just two verses a week, you can memorize the whole book of Colossians in one year.

When I read that, my first thought was, “Two verses a week? I can totally do that!”

And so far I have. I am a very structured kind of person. I like working towards goals that are very clearly laid out. That is why this idea excited me. Interestingly enough, I’ve never really liked the book of Colossians all that much. I mean, it’s the Bible, so I like it, but you know how sometimes you just pick your favorite stuff to read? Colossians is never it for me. James and Philippians, all the way! But I’m sure that memorizing Colossians will change that. I’m chewing over those words like I never have before.

Anyone want to try it? (You can print out a little memorization booklet at the link above, if you like little charts, and being able to check stuff off as you make progress.)

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