Today my little blog past the 1o,000 viewers mark.

I know that there are many, many blogs out there that get many, many more viewers than that, but I’m still a little in awe the fact that all of you would care enough to come and visit this blog that many times. Probably 3/4 of those views are made by the grandmas and aunties, which is great! That was one of the reasons for starting a blog.

But there are still a bunch of other people out there who are not related to me, and still take the time to connect in this way, and that means a lot to me. The messages sent and comments made are so encouraging, and so I just want to say thanks!

We just got back from 2 days in the city, during which I was without a camera because I forgot it at home. (Sometimes that’s a good thing!) So now we’re going to go live life a little before I have anything new to share! Catch up with you later!

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