Pictures of Our Weekend

This weekend was Father Son Camp at Red Rock, which makes things very different than our normal weekends. Usually, church groups come on weekends and do their own thing, and Ben just hosts the group – he’s available for helping out whenever they might need something.

But Father Son Camp is a retreat put on by us, so that means that our staff run everything, and that means that Ben was gone from early morning until late at night all weekend. But we managed to have a good weekend anyway, and it was extra fun to have him home again when the group left on Sunday afternoon.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend…

Anika playing outside with her friends:

Kaylia sitting in her sled, being pulled around and watching everyone else:

Kaylia figuring out that if you pull a chair up to the counter, you can reach almost anything:

She chose her outfit that day. When I was getting her dressed in the morning, she went and got this dress, and held it up against herself, saying “Dress!”


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