Still sick

Yesterday something wonderful happened to me.

I went outside. For the first time in 5 days. It was beautiful.

I took out the garbage. And the sun was setting, light snowflakes were falling, and the air was so crisp and clear.

It felt very good to get out.

After days of lying around, Anika and I are finally feeling a bit better. As much as I dislike having the flu, I sure loved the time spent with my girl!

But now it’s been Ben’s turn to feel terrible. He was the only one left, so here’s hoping that when he’s feeling better, we’re done! Kaylia is waiting for that day, because she’s really confused about Daddy being in bed all day, and frustrated by the fact that no one wants to play.

Hoping that all of you have  a happy, healthy weekend! (That’s what we’re hoping for around here, too!)


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