Pictures From Our Weekend

It was a very quiet New Year’s Eve around here! Eric, Krystal, and their kids were the only people out here at camp besides us. After the kids were in bed, we enjoyed some snacks and a movie. We barely made it to midnight!

The rest of our weekend was just as quiet and relaxed. Both our girls were feeling sick, so we stayed inside and tried to get healthy. Kaylia was pretty miserable, but there were two things that kept her happy this weekend:

The butterflies on Anika’s Leapster game (she would watch Anika play for long stretches at a time)…

…and her jacket and toque. She had a fever and her little body was already so hot, but she kept insisting on wearing all of her outdoor clothing around the house all weekend.




On Sunday, she exchanged her boots for Anika’s slippers. She always knows exactly what she wants. And she keeps getting better at communicating that. One morning, I listened from the next room as Her Royal Pink Fuzziness commanded the following to Ben: “Mommy. Walk. Go. Milk. Highchair.”



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