I’m really loving this post. Totally speaking to me in an area where I need it right now. As I read it, I realized that instead of having The Year of Here, I was all set up for having The Year of There. I was not living in the moment, was not allowing God to fill me up with His grace and joy just for right now.

There are a number of things that I’ve been really unhappy about for a long time, and Ben and I have been praying for months for God to speak to us and give us wisdom about what we should do.

It really felt like He was doing nothing, and we kept waiting, but I was pretty much ready to take things into my own hands, once again, because sometimes I actually start to think that I’ll do a better job than when I just leave my life in His hands.

But this Christmas, He finally spoke. He gave us some insight into our situation, and He is making a way. It isn’t the way that I want, and that is why I needed a reminder about having The Year of Here.

“The only place I can ever be alive is right here.

Right where these feet are is the only place joy will ever be possible….

Be all here: and be holy.

Be all here: and be happy.” (Ann Voskamp)

Check it out – it’s a good read!


Anika just read this over my shoulder and asked in a very confused voice, “The only place you can be alive is in this house, Mommy?” I had to do a bit of explaining…

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