Home sweet home! And sooooo glad to be here.

Five days away is a long time, even if it’s for something as enjoyable as Christmas and time with family.

Before we came back, though, we stopped in at Portage Place to go see “The Paperbag Princess”, based on books by Robert Munsch. Then we said good-bye to Ben’s sister Alicia (Kaylia keeps saying “Eesha!!” in the most enthusiastic voice) for a whole year.

The thrill of being in Portage Place helped to ease the sadness of the occasion. The girls loved that huge fountain.

I have so many memories of watching that fountain when I was a little girl. We always had to go there after IMAX. I love taking our girls places that have special childhood memories for us as parents.


One thought on “Munsch

  1. It was wonderful to meet around your parents supper table and then spend the evening together. I so enjoy your blog and check it regularily. Happy New Year!

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