Pictures From Our (Christmas) Weekend

Hope you’ve all been enjoying Christmas!

Here’s a few pictures of our family enjoying some time outside before heading off to family gatherings on Friday:

We went to Ben’s parents’ to celebrate Christmas first. We’re finding that opening presents is a little hard on Kaylia, because she opens her first gift, and then she just wants to play with that. We can hardly get her attention with unopened gifts, because she wants to play with the toy she already has. But I think that after this Christmas, she will have overcome that “handicap”.

Ben’s sisters are both moving to Europe shortly, and so Anika tried to spend as much time with her aunties as possible. She will miss them very much!

After a couple of nights at Ben’s parents’, we headed out to Rosenort to visit my family. My parents are back from Florida for a few weeks now at Christmas, and then they’ll head back out there again, so it’s good to see them a little bit!

And that’s been our Christmas and our weekend! We’re still off doing special stuff for the holidays, but I’m starting to feel myself getting ready to January. I love the end of Christmas! It’s great while it lasts, but I love getting back to regular life, too. I want to go home and clean up our Christmas decorations….


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