The other day I packed away all of our baby spoons.

That, in case you didn’t know, is the sign of true contentment.

I’ve had them sitting in our cutlery drawer since Anika was a baby. Which was a long time ago. But I always forgot to pack them away, and then it didn’t seem to pay, because we thought we’d soon have another baby that would need some spoons.

But then that baby didn’t come and didn’t come, and those silly spoons made me so sad every time I’d see them in the drawer, but still I didn’t get around to packing them away.

Finally I realized that they needed to go, and I needed to move on with life, and right around that time was when we found out that Kaylia was on the way.

So the spoons stayed.

And we had many wonderful times with them, but now Kaylia has completely moved on to regular teaspoons, and the time has come for the baby spoons to be packed away.

It feels wonderful – spoons can just be spoons again, rather than a symbol of longing for something that I don’t have.

It is wonderful to be content. Just happy with our girls every day.

Anika is praying that we’ll have another baby. I tried to explain to her that I’m content, and we can stop praying for a baby now. But she says that God always answers her prayers – it worked so well with Kaylia that her faith is pretty strong. And just last night was another confirmation – her favorite blanket was lost at bedtime, she prayed that it would soon be found, and five minutes later, I found it.

So there you go.

In the meantime, the spoons are happily packed away, leaving so much more room in that compartment of our cutlery drawer.

An empty spot, and a very full heart. So happy for our little family of four.


One thought on “Contentment

  1. It’s interesting the faith children have isn’t it? Alli still prays every single day for a little sister. We’ve tried to explain to her that it isn’t going to happen but she is still determined!
    It is so nice to feel content with your family though! I am definitely there as well.

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