So you may notice that this blog is looking a little different. I’ve been wanting to give it a make-over for some time, but am having trouble choosing the “right” look. (You’d think this was actually an important decision, with the amount of time I’ve spent trying to figure it out…)

The old look wasn’t bad – there were just some things that I wasn’t completely happy with. Don’t know how I feel about the new one, either.

It reminds me of buying glasses, which I always think will be enjoyable, but it’s not. It’s such a major purchase – you have to wear them for a significant amount of time, and they make such a statement about you – what you like and your sense of style is always there, on your face, for everyone to see every time they look at you. Buying glasses is kind of a big deal.

I feel like my blog should also make a statement about what I like – it should “fit” me, but unfortunately, that would cost money, which I’m unwilling to pay, so I need to find the closest free option.

It’s like those “What Wedding Dress Are You?” answers on Facebook. If you were a wedding dress what would you look like?

If I was a blog, what would I look like?

Well, I don’t really think I would be green and brown. I love blue and white. I like simple stuff, but not boring. If I could choose anything, it would be a little bit girly, but not cutesy.

Ben thinks the new look gets big points for having a simple, fresh look to it.

I don’t know. We’ll let it sit for a bit, and I’ll see if it grows on me.

Meanwhile, children are starving, and there are definitely more worthwhile things to think about than the appearance of my blog…

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