Pictures From Our Weekend

This weekend we had the opportunity to take this show on the road, and spread a little sickness/Christmas cheer. On Friday, Anika was involved in the Rennie Christmas program, and was wildly excited to be an angel.

Saturday was just a regular “enjoy our sickness at home privately” kind of day. We did some heavy-duty coloring.

And Kaylia insisted on wearing this container on her head all day. Seriously.

She cried when it fell off her head and got frustrated that it wouldn’t stay on. She made me read books to her while she was wearing it, and I could barely see the book around that big thing.

On Sunday, we headed out to the city for a family gathering, and once again, I took no pictures. I guess I was too busy trying not to cough all over people, and didn’t have time to think about pictures.

And now we are back home, ready for normal life. Ben can normally go to work, I can normally clean my house and get ready for Christmas, Anika can normally do school to make up for all the days she missed last week, Kaylia can normally play with toys instead of just being miserable.

Normal can sometimes seem boring, until you are blessed with better perspective. So…this last week, I’ve been blessed??

One thought on “Pictures From Our Weekend

  1. Okay, Kendra…I underwent dental surgery yesterday, and along with numerous other instructions, am not even supposed to smile until my stitches come out…how can I get through your blog, especially the picture of Kaylia with her “hat”??!! That is hilarious! Love, Mom

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