We owe everything this week to Curious George. He is the reason that we were able to survive.

When colds, coughs, sore throats, pinkeye, whining and crying run rampant, there is always George.

I know that children under the age of two are not really supposed to watch TV.

This week, I didn’t care. This week, survival was more important than optimal brain development.

And how miraculous is it that both a seven-year-old and a one-year-old can get equally excited about the same DVD?

We thank you, George. And we love you.


One thought on “George

  1. Hey Kendra!
    Excited to see your blog! I know what you mean about dvd’s helping with survival!! We have all been sick around here for pretty much the last month and a half or so and although I am not a big tv advocate dvd’s have literally been saving our sanity here as well! Hope you all feel better soon!

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