Picture From Our Weekend

We had a very quiet weekend around here. Ben and Anika went into the city from Saturday to Sunday to attend a CIT reunion and a summer staff reunion. I stayed home because we just got home from our trip, I have to go to the city tomorrow, and it just feels like I need to be home to catch up on stuff.

So I spent my very quiet weekend with this little girl.

She seems pretty happy to be reunited with her toys.

To her great delight, we also went over to Chloe, Natasha and Shiloh”s house (“Choe-y”, “Shasha”, and “Shy-o”) in the afternoon.

But what she really wanted was to see Anika and Ben. She kept saying “Anka” and “Daddy – more Daddy!” over and over.

Now they’re home, and we can all be happy again.


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