In answer to some of the questions I’ve received… Yes, it is snowing on my blog (although it can be slow in coming, depending on your internet connection).

I was playing around with blog stuff yesterday, found this snow option, and was curious what it would look like. So I set it all up, and then went to my blog to check it out. As I watched the “snow” falling, I wondered if this would be confusing for people. I even wondered if everyone would know that it was supposed to be snow, or if they would think something was wrong with my blog because it had white spots on it. While I was thinking this, Kaylia climbed up on the chair in front of the computer, looked at the computer screen, and said, “Snow!”

So we’ll see whether this is annoying or fun, but for now, the blog is snowing…


2 thoughts on “Snowing

  1. I think it’s fun. Very appropriate. I, for one, think snow is a absolutely beautiful thing. Why shouldn’t we enjoy it while we’re enjoying your blog? 🙂

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